About Peak Consulting Group
About Peak

At Peak Consulting Group we help our clients transform strategies into business benefit.

Peak Consulting Group is a Management Consulting company with focus on governance and the management of strategic projects and business transformations.

Peak Consulting Group is among the leading consulting companies, established in 2006 with the goal of becoming the preferred partner in Scandinavia.

Our team of 50 talents brings results for and with our customers by having the highest professional depth, combined with a focus on business implementation and value realization.

Peak is a part of Asseco Group, one of Europe's leading IT companies with 15,000 employees spread across 20 countries.

About Us
Competitive advantages through execution

Peak Consulting Group is the highest certified Scandinavian based company in within project - program and portfolio management and maturity analysis. This combined with our active research in the field gives us a unique knowledge about what it takes to turn strategy into action, change management and benefit management – benefits that are sustainable in the organization, even after we have completed the project and the consultants have gone home.

Change with respect to the organization

Our academic qualifications in Management Practice provides us with a toolbox and experience that benefits our clients, though without dictating the course.

We listen to what our clients want to achieve, we analyze where the client is today, and enter in a dialogue on how we bring the client there. We do this based on the maturity of the project organization, the organization's readiness for change and respect for the leaders and employees we must work with.