PRINCE2® - Projektstyring
PRINCE2® - Project Management
The standard of Project Management

PRINCE2® stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments version 2.

PRINCE2 is the most widespread Best Practice within Project Management globally. In Europe, the countries that has adopted PRINCE2 the most are United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland.

PRINCE2 has been developed by the British Government in cooperation with leading international management consultancies, with the purpose of creating a common project management framework.

PRINCE2 is based on principles and processes, and is very scalable. It adds value through its focus on the busines case, through managing expectations up front, clear roles and responsibilities as well as processes and templates.

PRINCE2 focuses on the management of all the phases that a project goes through, as well as managing the components that are within the individual phases.

Certification in PRINCE2 does not require proven project management experience.

PRINCE2 does not deal with subjects such as Leadership nor motivation.

PRINCE2 is relevant for you as a project manager if you:

  • need a toolbox to help you manage your projects

  • want to introduce a common project language in your organization

  • want to create a common project reference or execution framework

  • want over time to perform Portfolio Management

PRINCE2 is being used in both public and private sector, and for many companies, have a PRINCE2 certification is a mandatory requirement.

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There are two levels within PRINCE2: Foundation and Practitioner level Peak offers the following training within PRINCE2:

Exams in PRINCE2 is developed by the APM Group in coorperation with the Cabinet Office and The Stationary Office (TSO) and is based upon the official PRINCE2 Manual.

If the delegate chooses to take several exams in continuation and passes them all, the delegate will only received the certificate for the passed exam on the highest exam level.

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