Change Management
Change Management

7 out of 10 change projects in organizations fail and the benefits fail to realize!

In too many change projects, business managers and employees are left in the lurch.

The projects main focus is on the technical supplies and less on managing the process of change that is needed so that managers, employees and customers can ultimately take deliveries in use, in a timely and satisfactory high level.

The price for underestimating the management of the change process is high. Employees and managers who do not understand the change, that lacks motivation and that have not been adequately trained, can become threats to the coming change.

The consequence is that the business is experiencing undue loss of productivity before, during and after go-live, and failure to realize the anticipated benefits in the end. Furthermore, the experience of the "inadequate process" can be reflected negatively in the business and reduce adaptability of the change.

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