Maturity Assessment and Governance
Maturity Assessment and Governance
Do you need to know how to adapt your use of Best Practices, so that it is tailored to your needs?

The typical first major step in maturing the delivery organization, is to upgrade selected employees with a certification. It requires a lot more than freshly certified employees, to ensure better control of delivery organization and get new processes and behavour adopted in the  organization. The challenges are typical:

  1. Shall the Best Practice frameworks be developed in such a way, that it supports all types of projects / change initiatives - or should some be de-scoped?
  2. Shall all competencies, processes, templates and tools in project execution be equally advanced?
  3. Is it neccessary to train employees in the governing bodies and inthe  line organization to ensure a higher degree of project success?

Strengthening the line and delivery organization in relation to project execution must be based on the composition of competencies within and elements from various Best Practices that support the requirements and the complexity that exists in your organization. By assessing your organization's characteristics and complexities that exist in their line and delivery organization, you can begin to identify precisely the Best Practices and / or elements that brings the most value into your business by strengthening your line and delivery organization during project execution. We start where you and your organization are. When Peak helps organizations select and implement an optimal combination of Best Practices for your organization, we take into account the organization's situation, experience and maturity. Therefore, you get practical and pragmatic tools that help you out here and now - and that can be developed as your maturity increases. Whether you want to optimize existing templates or need to rethink the use of Best Practices, Peak provides consultancy on what adds the most value for your organization and how to get you started.

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